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 Class Descriptions

Preliminary Classes​​​

Parent-Tot (Walking - 2 ½ yrs) - Movement exploration for adult and child that opens up a panorama of wonderful opportunities through which youngsters develop both physical and social skills. This class consists of exercises, song & dance, and tumbling. Great fun for you and your child!

Nursery Pre-Dance & Tumbling (2 ½ - 4 yrs) - Students are introduced to dance through new and interesting activities. Creative dancing stresses coordination, strength and rhythm in a fun, exciting way!

Kinder Dance (4 - 5 yrs) - Special combination classes are offered in Ballet and Tumbling or Ballet and Tap. Both designed to enhance each student’s love for dance. Early dance education at this age is given in a special, joyous atmosphere.

Combo (5 - 8 yrs) - Equal time is given to two or three disciplines from Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, and Tumbling. Fundamentals of each are taught in a way that generates excitement and enthusiasm. Combination classes will be formed during registration based on interest in each discipline.

​Beginner-Advanced Classes

Musical Theatre (6+ yrs) - This class teaches the “triple threat” of acting, singing and dancing. Class consists of staging, role playing, dancing, singing, performing skits from Broadway Musicals and more. This is a great class for the shy child to grow and shine!

Classical Ballet - Graded classes stress strict authentic training in all fundamental techniques and traditional ballet movements. This discipline is the base on which all other techniques are built. Grace, poise, body alignment and self-discipline are incorporated in this professionally oriented class.

Jazz - Modern steps and movements are taught in a serious yet enjoyable atmosphere. Creativity and self-expression are the goals of this discipline.

Acrobatics/Gymnastics - Students feel a sense of achievement when accomplishing floor skills to the best of their ability. Exercises will stress developing coordination and strength required to execute gymnastic feats. Basic rolls progressing to aerial moves are introduced in these classes.

Tap - Fun and rhythm oriented. Footwork as well as upper-body technique are emphasized in this class. Students learn to make tap sounds to upbeat music.

Hip-Hop - For the latest style of dance including skills seen on music videos, this course is the popular choice among our older students. It builds strength and endurance while being social and fun.


Modern - This class introduces an expressive form of dance, It is unconventional using such techniques of fall and recovery, and levels of movement. In this class students are taught to use the body as an instrument to express emotions.


Voice - This class emphasizes vocal development through poper breath control, support, phrasing, diction, inton ation, and tone quality. Students improve self confidence and vocal skills as they sing ensemble works together. This class preps students for performances whether it is a school play or Broadway!

​Intermediate & Advanced Classes

Pointe - This class is offered to serious students enrolled in at least 2 ballet classes per week and are judged strong enough for the technique.

Lyrical - This class is designed to help students express their individual feelings and emotions. Encompassing all dance forms with a strong emphasis of ballet, students interpret the words and music through movement. Students are chosen to be a part of this class.

Contemporary - This genre of dance is not a specific dance technique but a collection of methods developed from modern, lyrical, & classical ballet.  During class a choreographed sequence is generally taught using the dance form to express something beyond the tradition and complexity of the steps.  Prior dance experience necessary.

​​Adult Classes​
It’s never too late to start! Finally, classes that offer you what you’ve always wanted to do. You can relax while improving your mental and physical health. You can enjoy classes in Tap, Ballet, Jazz,  Slimnastics, or even Cardio Hip-Hop. Check with office for current schedule.

Lessons also available for First Wedding Dances, Folk Dancing for Brownies, Adult Slimnastics, Voice & Drama.  

Private lessons available in all styles of dance & gymnastics.

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